Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do i come in contact with your Paphos Stefos Taxi & MiniBus Services ?

– You can come in contact with us by calling (+357) 99647199 , FAX to (+357) 26931080 or by submitting our contact form available in Contact Us Page.

2. How i will be sure that my booking has successfully confirmed ?

– If you made your booking via our contact form or by sending an email to our P.S Taxi & MiniBus Services, a confirmed booking reply will be replied back to you within 24-48 hours. Withing that period if you do not recieve a reply, then you should contact us via phone number. Information can be found in Contact Us Page.

– If you made your booking via phone then be assured that your booking is confirmed at the same time.

3. How i will regocnise who is my Taxi Driver when i will finally arrive at airport ?

– Once you arrive to airport our Taxi Driver will be there waiting for you with a sign including your “NAME/SURNAME”.

4. What i should do if i cannot find my driver ?

– Be asured that by the time that your booking is confirmed the Taxi Driver will be there waiting for your arrival.But, at any case that you cannot find our Taxi Driver you should contact us immediately by calling (+357)99647199 and we will settle it A.S.A.P along with our apologies.

6. Do you provide baby seats ?

– Our P.S Taxi & MiniBus Services provides baby seat in demand free of charge rather than other taxi offices who charges you for this option.

7. Does the Taxi Driver speak English ?

– Of course, all our Taxi Drivers have knowledge of the English language but as well Greek.

8. On the way from airport to the destination, could we stop by a supermarket or any other place ?

– In that case, this can be done by prior arrangement with our office or by the acceptance of your Taxi Driver. A charge may be applicable.

9. How do i collect a missing item that have been left in the vehicle ?

– Come in contact with our Paphos Taxi Services describing the specific missing item along with your transportation details and if indeed the item have been left in one of our vehicle we will returtned it to you. A charge may be applicable.